Nuitrack and intel d435

When are we likely to see the nuitrack sdk updated to support the latest firmware and sdk from Intel

  • our d435s are all but useless at the moment :frowning:


Hi Westa,

we are planning to release new versions of Nuitrack and Nuitrack SDK in the next 1-2 weeks. RealSense module will be updated to v2.11.1.

Awesome @mikhail.khayrislamov !
Do you think the D435i is likely to work also ? I just ordered one and hoping to get a skeleton tracking faster/smoother than Kinect 2, do you think 60-90 fps skeleton data is feasible ?

My applications :wink:
Interactive projection:


Hi Joanie,

We’re going to add suport for RealSense SDK 2.0 v2.16.5 in one of our next releases.
Please note that according to Intel,

D435i requires FW version 5.10.13+ and is currently available on Linux only. Windows OS support in progress.

Besides, the required FW version is not available at the moment.

As for FPS, you can actually reach the value of 60-90 FPS but you have to select the suitable resolution.

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