Nuitrack and Intel Realsense D435 camera

The nuitrack activation tool does not detect my Intel Realsense D435 camera, i cannot activate a trial
license to check the software.

Intel RealSense Viewer works without problems.
I see that this camera is supported.
I am on windows 10.
Thank you

Do you connect your RealSense using USB 2.0 or 3.0? It’s important to connect it using USB 3.0.
Please provide us with 2 screenshots from the realsense-viewer tool:

Info tab
Stereo Module > Resolution (list of modes)

In your case, the Nuitrack version is shown as “unknown”. Please advise have you tried to re-login after Nuitrack installation? Please note that running RealSenseViewer and Nuitrack at the same time may lead to crash.