NUITRACK and UNITY how to get the RGB camera full fov image?

Hello, I am using D415 realsense camera, when i use FrameProvider with Color frametype, the output texture i get is a smaller part of the full camera image, I have already set the sensor custom resolution to 1920x1080 in NuitrackManager component :

Full camera image from device viewer software on the right & nuitrack colorframe on the right:

How can i get the full RGB color image of the camera which looks like the default hardware viewer on the left?

Hello @xappy

  1. Open NuitrackManager.cs
  2. Copy this 2 lines and edit “Process” to “Raw”. Now RGB is working correctly
  3. Also in Nuitrack Manager component change Depth resolution to any 16:9 (like RGB).
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@xappy Did you succeed with the problem?

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Yes thanks alot for your help!

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