Nuitrack Animation


I am a new user in terms of Nuitrack or Unity. I recently tried working on the Nuitrack tutorials available.

The skeleton tracking tutorial works like a charm, but I am facing issues in “Animating the Avatar using Skeleton” and “Recording Animation using Nuitrack and Motion Capture” Tutorials.

When I try these, I see a lot of crazy movements which are not in sync with what the person in front of the camera is doing.

Initially, I assumed that I probably have made some mistake in my project, so I tried to use the all the scenes present in the Tutorials (with UnityChan & Ethan).
But even with these tutorial scenes (which should ideally track the movement correctly and display the animation without any crazy movements), I am getting the similar random movements.

Do I need to do something to the tutorial scenes in order for them to work correctly??

Or is it just that something with my camera setup (Height, distance etc) is not correct??

Thanks for your help.

Note: Camera Used is IntelRealSense D435

Hi Jon,

Sorry for a late reply.

We’ve checked these tutorial projects and they should work correctly. Probably, this issue is connected to the quality of depth map. Please check out our recommendations on sensor placement and environment conditions in our docs. The recommended distance between a user and RealSense D435 is about 1.5 m.

Also please check out standard samples, such as nuitrack_sample. Is a skeleton tracked correctly?