Nuitrack APK crashing

I’m trying to run tests in TVico [Orbbec Persee] to demonstrate the skeleton tracking and depth tracking and the license activation app keeps crashing. Non-stop crashing.

Any advice?
Tried uninstalling and installing again, rebooting Orbecc Persee and nothing.

Should I factory reset the Orbbec Persee? Can I use the same license key on the device after that?


Turns out, to be able to open the Nuitrack.apk [app for compatibility test and license validation] you need to have the bluetooth turned off on Orbbec Persee.

The app, for some god damn reason, doesn’t have access to Bluetooth.

Issue screenshot:

Hi Guilherme,

We’ve just checked TVico.apk with TVico and we couldn’t reproduce this issue.
Please advise what app did you install and where did you download it from? Is it TVico.apk from our TVico User Guide? This exception seems really strange as Bluetooth connection was used in our VicoVR device only.

Hi Olga.
Yes, I used the version from the TVico User Guide.
To check the issue, turn bluetooth on TVico ON and open the TVico[Nuitrack] apk.
Usually crashes when opening the app.
If it doesn’t crash, try clicking in the compatibility teste button.

Usually happens before licensing, so try uninstalling everything before trying out.


You have to uninstall VicoVR.apk from TVico because usage of both TVico.apk and VicoVR.apk causes conflict. TVico.apk should be installed on the server side and VicoVR.apk should be installed on the client side (for example, on Android smartphone).

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