Nuitrack_body_tracker process has died

I purchased a nuitrack library for skeleton tracking on ROS.
I tried to run it using the [roslaunch nuitrack_body_tracker nuitrack_body_tracker.launch] command, but it keeps failing.
Other samples, such as nuitrack_gl_sample, work fine and the nuitrack license is active.

My operating system environment is ubuntu 16.04 and I am using Kinect V2 camera.

I need support. Thank you.

Hi jinhyuk.gong,

Is it correct that you run the example from this project? Please note this example isn’t Nuitrack official sample.

The issue relates to the warning message: WARNING! DEPTH AND COLOR SIZE NOT THE SAME!

Thus you have to modify the source file /catkin_ws/src/nuitrack_body_tracker/src/nuitrack_body_tracker_node.cpp to support different resolution of Depth and RGB streams (RGB stream is 1920 x 1080 for Kinect V2 ). To solve the Segmentation error, you can comment this line in the source code:

colorSensor_->connectOnNewFrame(std::bind(&nuitrack_body_tracker_node::onNewColorFrame, this, std::placeholders::_1));