Nuitrack body tracking in UE5

Hardware need to rotate 90 degree.but in this angle, body tracking is not use. how to solve this problem.
In current time, i can not change any scripts in C plus plus.

Hello @xi_bin
Try changing the RotateAngle parameter in the C:\Program Files\Nuitrack\nuitrack\nuitrack\data\nuitrack.config file

I can saw the renderImage Change.But bodyTracking function did’t use.
Should I change something else?

Have you also physically rotated the sensor 90 degrees?
If so, which sensor are you using?

Yes,this device need to rotated 90 degrees in actual scene.So i need to use body tracking in this situation.
My sensor is Azure Kinect.

If u see this message,Please toll me how to solve this problem.I need to make it work quickly to show in real scene.
I repeat my problem detail :
my sensor need to rotated 90 degrees to use the body tracking function for correct use.
Sensor is Azure Kinect

@xi_bin Thank you for informing us about the problem. Indeed, such a problem occurs with Azure Kinect, we will try to release a fix in one of the next updates and immediately notify you about it.