Nuitrack C# connection trouble


I’m testing Nuitrack SDK with Microsoft Kinect v2, Orbbec Astra and Intel RealSense D435.
Of course, all necessary drivers for devices was installed.

I’ve installed Nuitrack SDK by your examples (via PATH environment etc.). So, it’s OK for using and getting tests via hand-coding.

By the way, in case of executing your sample (nuitrack_c11_sample.exe) it’s always tell me that:

  1. AstraProPerseeDepthProvider can’t create RGB Stream (with connected Kinect/RS/Orbbec).
  2. Can’t find DepthCamera (as same sensor as upper case).

So, I’ve created minimal test via C#, as:

DepthSensor _depthSensor = DepthSensor.Create();

And I’ve got unexpected application crash on creating DepthSensor instance.

I suppose, that my test is wrong, but it’ll be very useful to correct it for further researches.

Hi Maxim,

  1. These warnings are displayed for diagnostic purposes only.
  2. Did you check our standard C# sample? Does it work?
  3. We’ve just checked this code and everything works fine in our case. Please provide us with the console output or exception message indicating the error.

Olga, thanks for your reply!

So, there was an unxpected behaviour of my dev workstation, because of a lot of sensors drivers installed.
Now it works fine, except Intel sensors - RS D435, and, by the way, SR300.

Orbbec Astra, Microsoft Kinect and LIPS works properly by this moment.

It’s provide app crash after Nuitrack.Init() method without diagnostics messages.

Can you help me with this trouble? Maybe there’s something wrong on my side? Or there’s problem on Intel supporting in SDK?

Best regards!

Actually, there is no official support for RS SR300 and LIPS with Nuitrack.
Try to move SenDuck.dll from %NUITRACK_HOME%/nuitrack/bin/OpenNI2/Drivers up one level in the folder hierarchy and run Nuitrack with RealSense D435 again. This should help.
Besides, delete LIPS SDK if it’s installed on your PC as it conflicts with Nuitrack and RealSense.