Nuitrack C++ skeleton&gesture recognition on multiple realsense

I tried nuitrack device api with c++. I used the Examples/nuitrack_device_api_sample code on the github and I was able to connect two realsense cameras which reads the depth and color frame by executing nuitrack_device_api_sample.exe twice.
However, when I added gesture recognizer or skeletontracker module by calling methods
for skeleton and gesture recognition inside the nuitrack_device_api_sample, the problem happens.
When I only execute one nuitrack_device_api_sample.exe, the program perfectly returns the skeleton and the gesture data that I want. When I execute second nuitrack_device_api_sample.exe, the program gets exception and terminates.
Is there any sample code for multiple realsense skeleton&gesture recognition? Are SkeletonTracker and GestureRecognizer able to be run on two process at same time?

Hi @stan5dard

We are planning to add multi-sensor support in the next release. It’ll be available soon

Hi @stan5dard

Happy to inform you that since Nuitrack 0.36.7 we’ve added support for multiple depth sensors.
See documentation.

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