'Nuitrack callback: onInitFailure' in TVico (Unity3D, Android apk)

I have built an apk (RGBandSkeletons.unity scene) that can be played on TVico by referring to the url(https://github.com/3DiVi/nuitrack-sdk/blob/master/doc/TVico_User_Guide.md).

I did these :

  • install Nuitrack.apk
  • enter license
  • test
  • play RGBandSkeletons.apk

but I can see only white screen on TVico with log ‘Nuitrack callback: onInitFailure’ .
Are there any other guidelines besides that url or solve the problem?

Thanks for the reply!

I tried them, but the result was the same : ‘Nuitrack callback : onInitFailure’

Is there more to do with TVico?

I’m sorry, I was using an old version sdk.
It works now! Thanks!