Nuitrack Camera Setup for Unity

Nuitrack SDK by default provides with the demo scene where the quality of the camera is not good compared the game provided by them (Ocean).
I want to achieve the camera quality like in the Ocean game provided along with the Tvico i.e., the camera should render the background and the user clearly, but with the modules provided in the demo SDK, the camera can render the background and the user but its pixelated (Point cloud) .
If i remove the point cloud module to achieve the better camera quality, the Nuitrack SDK is not able to provide the quality of the device Camera.

If the nuitrack server is on, the device camera is not responding, while its working when i turned off the nuitrack server

Can anyone help to find the right way to approach my issue i.e., to render the camera with perfect quality using device camera while using other parts of Nuitrack SDK like Hands and Gesture detection?

Hi Saiguru,

Please describe your use case in more detail. For example, if you develop an Android app in Unity and run it on TVico, you don’t have to use TVico as server and should install Nuitrack.apk instead of TVico.apk on your TVico.