Nuitrack.config documentation

Is there documentation for configuration or settings? Having trouble finding it.

Frustratingly - none that ive ever seen :frowning:

Hi Jassky,

Unfortunately, there is no documentation for nuitrack.config file at the moment as it is not intended to be edited in most cases. It includes internal parameters for modules and experimental features, that’s why it’s likely that backward compatibility for many parameters in this file won’t be supported.

would be nice to have those forum post config snippets collected in docs…
like Best settings for nuitrack.config for skeleton and face tracking with Intel D415
and Skeleton tracking specs ? 60 - 90 fps?

(trying to find some help with config values about poor skeleton tracking with d415…)

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did you consider switching to Orbbec’s? usually no such issues…

thanks for the tip, probably have to try that!

with d415, it works good enough in some locations but not so well in others…
so probably its a lighting issue, but haven’t been able to help it by adjusting/adding lights…
(usually hands do not track, while rest of the body is better)

The Orbbec has the same issues as the D415. In some lightings/positions it just loses accuracy of tracking, most often of the lower body. Things might start to move weird on it’s own.

You might wanna head over to the intel realsense forums. I posted a simular question about that a while ago as well. They have some tips you can utilize to lesser these issues.

thanks, ill go check… but went back to kinect for now, seems more reliable.

Fwiw - kinect 2 uses a different sort of technology for light handling over say the intel sensors.
Basically connect has a per pixel light level compensation - BUT at a lower resolution.



did replace the sensors with xbox one kinect, and everything works better so far.