Nuitrack.config file documentation


That could be a good thing to have a nuitrack.config documentation.

In my case it’s diffciult to know options for Realsense cameras and other options without wasting time.


Hi @thierry

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Do you have any specific option that you want to set?

No précise option, but wich parts of options, for rgb and depth images. There are so much parameters with realsense cameras

Main options for depth and rgb are:
Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessWidth - width of depth frame
Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessHeight - height of depth frame
Realsense2Module.Depth.ProcessMaxDepth - max depth (in millimeters) given by the sensor
Realsense2Module.RGB.ProcessWidth - width of rgb frame
Realsense2Module.RGB.ProcessHeight - height of rgb frame

rgb/depth width and height supported by your particular sensor you can check in nuitrack_device_api_sample

Hi @thierry

Do you have any other related questions I can help you with?