Nuitrack failing to run


I’ve been using Nuitrack v0.29.0 and I have encountered an issue which I can’t seem to get rid of. First of all, the samples console and c11 work without problem, and I have the 2.25.0 version of RealSense SDK installed.

In my C++ project, basically all I do that uses Nuitrack is call

Nuitrack::setConfigValue(key, value); // a bunch of times

Now, with just these, my project compiles and runs with no problem, except for the following warning :

SETUP - COM already setup - threaded VI might not be possible
Create DepthProvider: Realsense2DepthProvider

But then, if I want my tracker to run, I get an exception of type 2, and no more information. Does anyone here have a clue what might be causing this error ?

Some additional note :

I created a second project that does just that, and it worked. I suppose the problem comes from the fact that I also use RealSense’s SDK. Is this right ? And if so, is there a way to make them work together ?

We cannot guarantee the simultaneous operation of the Nuitrack SDK and Realsense SDK with one sensor. The only option you can try is to use different SDK to manage your sensor.