Nuitrack for NTU RGB+D Dataset

I’m currently working on a research project and would like to use Nuitrack to provide 3D pose information from the NTU dataset. The dataset is however not in a .oni or .bag format.

I have a pro license for a RealSense camera but would like to do the pose analysis from the prerecorded data. If I convert the data into the .bag format would I be able to extract the pose data from all the videos from the dataset this way with Python


Hi @tstenvold,

Nuitrack can play .bag files. This function is not officially supported and used as a debugging tool. In addition, you can use it only with a trial license, which is limited to three minutes. To record a .bag file, we recommend using the official RealsenseViewer utility (the other methods have not been tested and their reachability is not guaranteed). In order to play a .bag file in Nuitrack, you need to:

  • Activate the trial license
  • Open nuitrack.config and specify the path to a .bag file in the Realsense2Module.FileRecord` field

Do we understand correctly that you want to process an unlimited number of recordings from different sensors with one license?


Thank you for the reply. The dataset used a Kinect V2 to record the data but I only have access to the mp4 and depth information and no longer the original recordings and that’s why I would like to get the skeletons from these files using nuitrack, so that my model can be trained on this data to then be used with live data from the RealSense.

Is the trial limited to 3 minutes total or 3 minutes per session?


Is the trial limited to 3 minutes total or 3 minutes per session?

3 minutes per session

Hi @tstenvold, Is there anything else I can help you with?