Nuitrack Gesture Recognition Range

We are using the Nuitrack Gesture Recognition for an app we are developing.

The issue however seems to be that beyond around 1-2 meter the gesture recognition stops completely.
However the skeleton tracking still remains functional.

I am using an Intel Realsense D455 for this which has a range of 6 meters (ideally)

Testing it with a D415 also gives the same result.
The skeleton tracking still works but the gesture recognition stops.

The app is made using the Nuitrack Unity SDK

Is there a setting I can change within the sdk or something that would help increase this range?

Our actual installation requires the gestures to work at around 4-5 meters.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi @Shariq

Realsense sensors don’t have sufficient depth quality on such distances (4-5 meters).
Could you record us a bag file with example of your use case and send it to our support ( We can evaluate feasibility of hand tracking and provide you with some pointers.

Hey @a.bragin
Thank you for your response.
The Intel Realsense D455 is advertised to work at ranges up to 6 meters.
The site also claims to have reduced the depth error to less than 2% for distances of 4 meters.

That is the main reason we decided to use it for our use case.

Regardless, could you let me know how to record a bag file and I’ll record and send it to the email provided.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Shariq, FYI - you can roughly assess a Realsense depth data quality by this video (in comparison to Azure) to understand the limitations.

Hi @Shariq

You can record a bag file via RealSense Viewer utility. Install program, add desired sensor (depth and color sources), hit “Record” button and reproduce your use case.

Hi @Shariq

Did you manage to record bag file? Do you have any other related questions?