Nuitrack_gl_sample VisualStudio ALL_BUILD

I have purchased the monthly perpetual lic to use nuitrack with my intel D415, and I am stuck!! iv been on this all day now and have to admit defeat =(

For the life of me I cannot figure out what ALL_BUILD is. i get this error when running my nuitrack_gl_sample

unable to start program

the system cannont find file specified.

i have made a folder in that location with the same name, but still this issue.

this issue is for the 2 examples i have tried.

I am having the hardest time getting these samples to run, and am wondering if its easier on linux than windows as im a native linux user, but i need to get these to run on windows and then android as per my work requierment. I have some visual studio exp. and anyways i have the google to help me with that but im getting pretty frustrated. If theres anyone who would be willing to kind of walk me through setting up nuitrack or a intermediate level crash course on all this, id be more than willing to compensate.


I cannot find the sample

Hi @NuitrackNoob

just select nuitrack_gl_sample as StartUp project. To change the startup project from the Solution Explorer, right-click the desired project and choose “Set as StartUp Project” from the context-sensitive menu that is displayed.