Nuitrack in Unity 2020.3 Editor Issues

I am getting the “ERROR: TBB version mismatch: runtime library version is 9102, but the application was compiled with the 11102 version!” error. However when I do the fix listed in the Nuitrack Plugins troubleshooting area The TBB version mismatch error goes away, but I press the ‘Play’ into a rendering error where as soo as I enter play mode the toolbar for the unity editor turns pure white and I can not see what tool mode I have selected or see the play button. It is still clickable though.

I am seeing a “Assertion failed” UnityEngine.GUIUtility :ProcessEvent (int, intptr, bool&)"

If I manage to exit and enter play mode again the problem appears to go away. Does anyone have a less janky fix for this?

I noticed it only works in 2019. Been on the fence on buying this cause I need 2020…

Hello @quindo.
Try to use “Async mode” in Nuitrack Manager component (NuitrackScripts prefab)

For reference.
This is an alternate launch mode. It runs nuitrack on a separate thread. As a result, the application launches much faster. But you need to ensure that scripts that use Nuitrack will not be executed until the Nuitrack is initialized. This can be done, for example, if you disable objects with such scripts, and configure them to be enabled after initialization (as in the screenshot)