Nuitrack in Unity

Dear Nuitrack,

I am developing a game in Unity that uses a RealSense camera and the Nuitrack package. My question is whether it is possible for a camera to detect the hand movements of two people simultaneously, so that the players would have the opportunity to play against each other on a split screen.

Is it possible to set it up so that a single camera can track all four hands? Or would that require two cameras? Currently, I have created my game based on the Gallery scene.

Hello @P.Gergo
Yes, it is possible to receive hand data from multiple users.
Check out this documentation

For several users, you will only need to replace “current” with the array number
NuitrackManager.sensorsData[0].Users.Current → NuitrackManager.sensorsData[0].Users[1]

Thank you for your help.

I also have another question: sometimes the hand tracking is lost when I move my hands across each other in front of the camera. Is there any setting that can adjust this?

@P.Gergo Could you record this case through the failure case recorder and send it to us?

@P.Gergo Do you have any other questions about Nuitrack?

Dear Stepan,

Thanks for the help, unfortunately I couldn’t make a video, but those who asked said that it was fixed.
I needed the skeleton tracker in the Nuitrack Manager prefab because it wasn’t in the original gallery scene.

Everything works fine, thanks for your help.

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