nuiTrack.JointType - LeftCollar & RightCollar positions are equal [Persee]

Hi there,

I’m using the NuiTrack SDK for the Persee (2017-05-30 version at … 7fae31627/), and I’m having an issue where the position of JointType.RightCollar is incorrectly reported to be the same position as the JointType.LeftCollar’s position.

Is this a known issue? Is there anyone else having the same issue?

(Note that JointType.LeftShoulder and JointType.RightShoulder seems to be working as intended, though I haven’t looked at its accuracy.)


The same position of RightCollar and LeftCollar joints is correct. It is the beginning of corresponding bones - left and right collarbones (e.g. left collarbone is directed from LeftCollar joint to LeftShoulder joint). And it’s true for other bones.

If they are meant to be the same, wouldn’t it be preferable to have 1 joint? (In Kinect v2, there’s a joint labeled “SPINE_SHOULDER”, for example, rather than LeftCollar and RightCollar).

However, I’m not sure this is intended, as both LeftCollar and RightCollar joints are biased to the left and are reporting equal values.

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