Nuitrack license error


  1. Nuitrack version: 0.37.19

Hi I’m testing nuitrack using multiple pc versions and this error came out.
Activation error: Server error response: Maximum number of unique devices is exceeded

Can’t I disable the nuitrack license on another computer or is there another way?

P.S. I tried to test about 4-5 pcs(linux, window).

Hello @sldwld
I looked at your account, you only have a trail license. It cannot be activated on another PC. If you are talking about AI Perpetual, could you send the key in private messages so that I can find her on our side.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to send a personal message. I added another development email at[Add Alternate Email] .So can I check the license with that email account? My AI License sensor is AS3S8230098 / Astra.