Nuitrack License not acquired

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a nuitrack pro online license and activated it successfully on a machine running Ubuntu16. Installation completed successfully, compatibility test runs until the end - slower than usual but completes - and the license key activation completes also.
The nuitrack_sample shows that the activation of the key succeeded.
But I have troubles when running nuitrack bins in my application: the applications crashes after 3 minutes with the following error: Error type: N3tdv8nuitrack27LicenseNotAcquiredExceptionE

I tried things:

  • Changing permissions and owner of the /usr/etc/nuitrack/ folder,
  • Running as superuser
  • Verifying environment variables (NUITRACK_HOME, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, …) - everything is ok for both local user and root.

In all cases, the result is the same.
Any ideas on how to solve this ?

Hello! Did you purchase the license on our website or in your personal Nuitrack account?

It was on a personal Nuitrack account

Any new on this ?
We are kind of blocked on our side. Is there any more things that I can do to provide useful info ??

Please contact our support (see the Support section in your personal Nuitrack account) and send the following details in your message:

  1. the email linked to the account, where you made the payment
  2. the license key