Nuitrack License Tool Unresponsive - Windows

I am using version 0.29.0 on Windows 10 with Intel Realsense 435i. In the License Tool windows, I ran the test and saw a blank window and it never completed.

Earlier I ran into a similar issue on Ubuntu and realized that it has to do with write permissions on some file in the user folder. But I have no idea whether this is the issue in this case, now that I am using this on Windows.

Here is the output when I run nuitrack_sample.exe:

Create DepthProvider: Realsense2DepthProvider
Realsense2DepthProvider: rs2_pipeline_start_with_config(pipe:0000000011C85E70, config:0000000011C85C30):
Camera already streaming

Your output says that “Camera is already streaming”. Perhaps, right before you started the sample there was another attempt to launch Nuitrack, which could fail. Please reconnect the sensor and run nuitrack_sample.exe again to get the output, which will show the actual cause of this issue.