Nuitrack Manager needed?

Do you need to have the Nuitrack manager if you create the needed sensors on your own & run the update on your own?

_userTracker = UserTracker.Create();

To add to this, I currently have Nuitrack working by calling the 2 functions I posted above as well as Nuitrack.Init() and Nuitrack.Update().

Reason I’m asking this is bvecause I’m not sure what I might run into later/what i’m forgetting.

Hi Patrick,

Np, the original script is not required.

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Thanks for confirming!

Hi Olga,

I have a question to add to this. Do we also need the Current User tracker, T pose calibration and Calibration info? Seems to work fine when I turn them off.

You can turn off T pose calibration and Calibration info in case you don’t use T Pose calibration in your project. You can also disable Current User tracker if you don’t use it in your project.

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