Nuitrack pro LicenseNotAcquiredException


I have a licence pro and i activate it under nuitrack tool on windows 2010. I have a D415.

My nuitrack.init() as no path in my c# code under VS2015.

I always get LicenseNotAcquiredException.

Cab you help me please ?

Best regards

Hi Lionel,

  1. Please run one of our standard samples from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin, for example, nuitrack_c11_sample or nuitrack_sample. Do you see LicenseNotAcquiredException in these samples?
  2. Did you re-login after Nuitrack installation? See p.2 (Windows).
  3. Do you have any other copies of Nuitrack on your PC? If yes, uninstall the old version of Nuitrack and try to run the sample again.
  4. Check the environment variables: NUITRACK_HOME should be \nuitrack and PATH should include the path to \nuitrack\bin

Hi Iosif

I finally resolved the problem: i have install x86 and it is a x64 bits.
Now everything is working nicely

I am sorry to respond you so late and i want to thanks you a lot for your help

Best Regards