Nuitrack::release() not Stopping the Depth Stream

Hello Everyone,
I’m using Nuitrack with my Astra Pro depth sensor. Everything is working fine and I’m able to use it for my work without any problem.

But why does the function " Nuitrack::release() " not working?
I think it should stop depth stream from the camera.

  1. I plug the camera and red laser blinks once. (OK)
  2. I start my program and the red laser keeps glowing and my program runs. (OK)
  3. I stop the program but the red laser doesn’t stop. It keeps glowing. (NOT OK)
  4. I remove the USB and the red laser stops. (This is not proper way of stopping depth stream)

What could be possible reason? How to solve this?


Hi Prasanna,

Please, advise, what OS do you use?

Hello Olga,
I think the problem is solved.

I use Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

BR, Prasanna

Hi Olga,
Sorry to say but the problem is back.

The laser light is not stopping after stopping the program with ctrl + c.

What to do? because the nuitrack is not releasing the connection cleanly.


Hi Prasanna,

Termination of a program using Ctrl + C causes an interruption with a signal SIGINT. Such termination of a program is not considered as normal. If you’d like to handle Ctrl + C anyway, please, register a handler:

#include <signal.h>

void interrupt(int sig)
	// correct termination here including Nuitrack::release()

// in main function
signal(SIGINT, interrupt);