Nuitrack Unity Script Error

I just purchased Nuitrack to use with Unity. When following the instructions to create my first Unity project, I found an error in one of the scripts that stopped the build. I wanted to share this so that it can be fixed for other people.

The instructions I was following are located here.

The script with the error is located in: NuitrackSDK > Tutorials > Motion Capture > Final Assets > ExperimentalRecorder.cs

The class declaration was incorrect. It was:
public class ExperimentalRecorder : IRecordable

It should be:
public class ExperimentalRecorder : MonoBehaviour, IRecordable

This cleared the error and the project will build. If I encounter anything else, I’ll make sure to post.

Hi fearless,

Thank you for your advice! We’ll correct the mistakes in this script, update the docs and release the new version of Nuitrack SDK with updated NuitrackSDK.unitypackage next week. Sorry for inconveniences.