nuitrack - unsupported joints - Foot & Fingertip [Persee]


Nuitrack SDK doesn’t seem to provide position values for these joints:

  • LeftFoot
  • RightFoot
  • LeftFingertip
  • RightFingertip

It’s possible to work around this by using ankle joints & hand joints instead, but I’m just reporting this in case these weren’t known issues. (I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the docs. I’m using the Orbbec Persee.)


Hi sonnyb,

Indeed, at the moment Nuitrack doesn’t support the joints that you mentioned.

Hi, is there a schedule to support feet and finger tip joints in the near future?


Hi vpenades,

Unfortunately, this feature is not in our road map yet.

Do you have any news about this topic? Any plans about this futures?