Nuitrack v0.27.0 is released!

We are glad to announce the new version of Nuitrack SDK!

The new version of Nuitrack v0.27.0 is released with the following improvements:

  • RealSense library updated to v2.17.0
  • Added support for RealSense D435i on Windows 10
  • Added support for RealSense D400 series depth cameras on Windows 7
  • Fixed error when calling the Nuitrack API function “Nuitrack:: connectOnIssuesUpdate”
  • Added support for Kinect V1 with non-rooted Android devices

Coming soon:

  • Biometric ID (Face Recognition)
  • Annual online license (without linking to the sensor)
  • Nuitrack AI - New generation algorithms based on deep learning
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Will the annual online license without linking be cheaper or even more expansive? Currently the licenses are really expansive, especially if one would like to take lets say 10-12k licenses.

what pricing in your opinion is more realistic for such volumes?

Hard to say, i’m the developer, I dont go over the prices. But even for big companies the prices atm are to much. Especially if you take a lot. IF you take 30k licenses it’s 30k x 50 euro’s = 1500000. Even with a discount of lets say 10 euro that’s just way to much and not affordable.

I am sure, all reasonable requests can be discussed…price should be no problem

I’m not sure what the conclusion was but we tried talking to Nuitrack. We got a discount indeed, but price reducation was so little it’s not really an option for now. Especialle because we ship the product for free, thus don’t have the user to rely on for costs. That’s why I asked if the annual online license without linking to sensor will be cheaper.