Nuitrack with realsense serial number


I have 4 real senses connected on my computer, and I only have 1 nuitrack license with one camera ( other 3 cameras are for other purposes). I will like to set my Nuitrack library code to work only with the camera that I have the license. How can I set Nuitrack with the camera serial number?

Thanks in advance

Hi aitor,

Do you connect 4 sensors to 1 PC at the same time? Currently, Nuitrack starts with the first detected sensor from the list of supported ones. However, we’re going to extend Nuitrack API and add the possibility to select a sensor by its serial number.

What about if 4 sensors are the same one (RealSense D435). What is selected first?

Nuitrack requests the list of connected sensors from RealSense API. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how the same sensors are ordered in RealSense API.