Nuitrack works On Windows , but not in Android

i’m trying to develop an Android game with nuitrack.
I installed nuitrack app, activate with success the trial licence and tried the compatibility test but when I launch my unity application I give some errors.

1 Unity version: 2020.3.14f1(LTS)
2 Kinect xbox 360
3 Odroid XU4(Android 7)
4 Nuitrack sdk version 0.35.10

Hello @umberto
Probably your application and Nuitrack application may have incompatible architectures
Check the architecture in Unity image
And check the version of the installed nuitrack apk image

Hello @umberto

Did it help you?

Hello @Stepan.Reuk
The Architecture in Unity is set on ARMv7 while Nuitrack apk version is “Nuitrack.apk”.
These are informations about my device Odroid XU4.
Thanks for your time @Stepan.Reuk

Did the application ask for permissions at startup?
Also check that all permission checkboxes are enabled in the “about app” section

Hi @Stepan.Reuk
thanks for your help. These are all permessions about Nuitrack App.
Are there other permissions?