NuitrackManager crashes the game in multiple scenes

Hi, I have 6 scenes in my unity game and each of them has NuitrackManager.
The game hangs while switching between scenes.
But switching scene is ok if I disable NuitrackManager in those scenes.
So the hangup is caused by NuitrackManager.

Anything I can try to solve this problem?


After try and error, the ‘Color Module On’ creates this crash.
If it is not checked the switching scene works fine.
Once it is checked this scene will hang up when we switch to other scene and back here.

Please advice what we could do to fix this crashing problem.


Good news to all.
Finally solved it:
Just add the following function in DrawColorFrame.cs
void OnDestroy()
NuitrackManager.onColorUpdate -= DrawColor;

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Update on this issue.

It happened again after I updated the NuiTrackSDK Version
The SDK comes with void Destroy()

and I have to update the function to
void OnDestroy()

Good luck, guys.

Hi, Laurence!

Your decision is absolutely correct!
Pump your knowledge of C# events into event (C# reference)

Update the Nuitrack SDK if you are using an older version.

Just updated 0.35.9 and this problem is still there.
I have to manually edit this function.

Good luck