Old version Nuitrack SDK


Can I get the old version of the Nuitrack SDK 0.28?

It doesn’t seem to be in github.

Hi @firehouse750, sure, we don’t have it readily available.
We’re are considering deprecation of Nuitrack versions below the certain version, as it is becoming difficult to support very old versions.
Could you please tell a bit on why it is important for you to use this particular version ?

It’s because of compatibility.
Strangely, certain PCs only run older versions (0.28).

We are very interested to provide a maximum compatibility in a modern versions, so we are ready to support you in cases of incompatibility. To to this, we are ready to arrange a remote session (team viewer / AnyDesk) to study the issue.
Is it possible/convenient for you to participate in a remote session ?

Hi @firehouse750

Please let us know whether this issue is still relevant. We are ready to arrange chat / remote sessions to resolve compatibility issues.