OpenGL sample run only in /bin directory

I was able to build the OpenGL nuitrack sample.
I had addet to its location all the .dll required.

When I run it I get message bellow …

When I copy it to the bin folder in the same location as nuitrack_c11_sample.exe
it works:

Some glue what is wrong ?

Usage: nuitrack_console_sample [path/to/nuitrack.config]
WARNING: Can not load library module: M:\SDK\nuitrack\nuitrack_win64\nuitrack/middleware/NuitrackModule.dll
ERROR: Empty factory for DepthProvider
Can not initialize Nuitrack (ExceptionType: 2)

Press any key to continue . . .

Problem solved.
It is required to add the \bin folder with NuiTrack libraries to the PATH environmental variable.
A copy of the libt to the .exe is not sufficent - the .dll have inside encoded some sub directory structure (relay not usual coding approach).