Orbbec + Nuitrack Unity Android

I have an android application to make using some depth sensors like orbbec, kinect v2.0 etc.
I downloaded the unity package for nuitrack from this link : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/packs/nuitrack-skeleton-tracking-127675

Every tutorials are working fine in this package but only in my pc - Unity Editor,
I build an apk, according to the steps from this link.
Apk is not initialising the orbbec astra. In log it is showing libnuitrack not found.

Can any one help me out?

Thanks in advance.

why you not use Android bundle TVico (Orbbec Persee+Nuitrack) www.tvico.io for executing your APK? there should be no problem. Android hardware is extremely variable it is difficult to say what causes issues in your case))

Thanks Dmitow for the reply,
I Orbbec Astra Mini and Orbbec astra s as of now,

I have given the screenshot herewith. If possible please help me out.

I hope Nuitrack team will answer you here soon, but my personal opinion, I suggest you to switch to TVico Android Box and have no such problems.

Hi ktpl,

Please advise what devices do you use to run Nuitrack? Do you connect your Android device to your Orbbec Astra with a cable? It seems that you didn’t install Nuitrack.apk on your Android device. You can download it from our website - see the section “Have own sensor?” - Android platform.

Hi olga,

Thanks for your reply. I installed the Nuitrack.apk and opened it. My project is working iff the Nuitrack.apk is installede in the phone, if i uninstall the Nuitrack.apk from my phone, my project is not working. Can you guide me how to solve this issue, please?

Actually, this is not an issue but a normal behavior. Nuitrack won’t work without Nuitrack.apk installed on your Android device.