Orbbec Persee + Nuitrack + Unity

I am now using the Nuitrack SDK to try and use the Orbbec camera.

The development tool is unity.

Previously, it was well implemented in Windows environments.

We’re testing it to run on an Android-based, StandAlone with Orbec Persie.
There are many problems with changing from Unity to Android.

The nuitrack.apk already installed in the OrbecPersee is running normally.

But what we developed in Unity using Nuitrack works well in Windows environments, but if we change to Android and try to do it in OrbecPersee, problems arise.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

I look forward to a good answer.

Hi billyhan,

Please specify what problems arise? It’d be great if you could provide some screenshots or Unity error log.

The problem was solved by changing to the latest SDK for Nuitrack. Thank you for your interest.