Orientation angle

I work on RealSense D415 camera with Nuitrack. I extract the data from the cameras to process them and I would like to know how can I have the orientation (a float) of each point?

Hi Melissande,

Please advise what do you mean by “the orientation (a float) of each point”?
You can get the orientation of a joint, see more info in our docs.

I would like to know the rotation of each joint. I wanted to use the Orientation function but this function does not give me a result. This function should get me out the float ?

Using this function, you’ll get the orientation matrix. Please check out this post: Local Joint Coordinate & Rotation Matrix problem

Thank you for your answer.
I would like to understand what each of the values ​​in the matrix correspond to. Because I don’t understand why for X you use 3 values of this matrix and not only one value.

In Nuitrack SDK, orientation is stored as an orientation matrix. You can transform it to any convenient form, for example, to a quaternion. You can set the rotation with the help of at least 4 values. These are the basics of linear algebra.

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