plain SDK

Hi, we are considering using VicoVR for a VR experience, but not related to gaming.

Our project is a basic Cardboard app doing plain OpenGL ES rendering, we don’t support, and we don’t intend to support Unity nor Unreal.

Is there a low level SDK to access the VicoVR data from Android, iPhone and Windows Store Apps ?

Ideally, it would be something basic in c# Net Standard which can be used to query skeleton frames.

Thanks in advance


it’s entirely possible. There are two options here:

  1. Using directly our main C# assembly (part of our Unity prefab) - it provides full access to sensor capabilities (depth map/segment map/skeletons/gestures). This method supported only on Android - you have to connect to VicoVR android service (it can be installed from google play … ager&hl=en).
  • Download Unity3D SDK and unpack it
  • Find and unpack
  • All we need is three files:
    – /NuitrackExample/Assets/Nuitrack/ - main Nuitrack C# API assembly
    – /NuitrackExample/Assets/Plugins/Android/nuitrackHelper.jar - utility java library for connecting to VicoVR android service
    – /NuitrackExample/Assets/Nuitrack/NuitrackLoader.cs - main code snippet
  1. We have additional version of assembly which works through WiFi and can be used on any platform: Android, iOS, WP, Windows, Linux, MacOS. It is intended for debugging and has following limitation - you can only fetch skeletons data (another modules not supported). If you need only skeletons, you can use it. You can download it here …

Great!, in principle, we only need the skeleton, so both implementations suit us.

We don’t have a kit, so we’ll be looking forward for the consumer version.


Hi again

We’re trying to use the SDK within a Xamarin for Android project, we’ve followed your instructions and extracting the neccesary files.

Then, we created a Xamarin Binding project that’s designed to consume jars from c# and added both the and the jar.

The problem we’re facing now is to initialize the library. the “nuitrackloader.cs” is tied to Unity3D api.

If we call nuitrack methods from within the c# library, without initializing, it throws a “filenotfoundexception” looking for a “nuitrack” dll. Notice it’s not the same as

{System.DllNotFoundException: nuitrack at (wrapper managed-to-native) nuitrack.NativeImporter:nuitrack_Initialize () at nuitrack.NativeNuitrack.Init () [0x00000] in <2a9e11ce32f84093bb81261095603d94>:0 at nuitrack.Nuitrack.Init () [0x00000] in <2a9e11ce32f84093bb81261095603d94>:0

We understand that, along with , there’s a need for a native nuitrack.dll ??

So far, we’re stuck with this.


You should initialize Nuitrack by calling static method “init” from nuitrackHelper.jar library. It has following signature (Context is Android application context)

[code]public interface NuitrackCallback
public void onInitSuccess(Context context);

public void onInitFailure(int errorId);


public static void init(Context context, NuitrackCallback callback);[/code]

We have never tested Nuitrack within Xamarin but you can check for implementation details by link … ing-a-jar/.
Contact our support in case of any questions -

Hi, we’ve tried that, and that particular call to nuitrackHelper.jar works correctly.

It’s the next call, the nuitrack.NuiTrack.Init() the one that throws the DllNotFoundException.

We have included the and we confirmed the DLL is available in the binary directory.

Btw, we also contacted you through the support email