Problem running demo on realsense windows 10

I have a couple of realsense cameras 415 and 435 (with the real sense 2.0 SDK) running on windows 10 - 64 bit. They run fine with the intel real sense viewer and demo apps. I’m trying to evaluate your software but when I download and install (nuitrack-windows-x64.exe) I get this error if I try and launch the viewer:

“Device: PrimeSense/SensorV2/ The device is not connected!”

Do I need to configure something post-install to get it to work with realsense.

Thanks in advance

Hi Barry,

Sorry for a delayed reply.

Please advise what Nuitrack sample do you run? It seems that you try to run “nuitrack_ni_sample”. Please note this sample is for OpenNI 1.5 compatible cameras. Intel Realsense D415 isn’t compatible with OpenNI 1.5. Try to run “nuitrack_c11_sample” with D415 device to check Nuitrack operation.
Also make sure that you connect your sensor via USB 3.0.