Problem with HandTracker module in nuitrack_console_sample


I have downloaded the Nuitrack sample nuitrack-ubuntu-amd64.deb for Linux x64 and am using the Intel Realsense D435.
I am trying to run ./nuitrack_console_sample /usr/etc/nuitrack/data/nuitrack.config
after having downloaded the NuitrackSDK. However, I get the error “Usage: nuitrack_console_sample [path/to/nuitrack.config]
ERROR: AstraProPerseeDepthProvider can’t create RGB Stream (can’t open video capture)
DepthProviderManager: AstraProPerseeDepthProvider can’t create RGB Stream (can’t open video capture)
ERROR: Freenect not find devices
ERROR: Can’t create DepthProvider: KinectDepthProvider
DepthProviderManager: Can’t create DepthProvider: KinectDepthProvider
Segmentation fault (core dumped)”.

It seems that the segmentation fault is caused when the sample tries using methods from the HandTracker module.

Does anyone know what might be causing this error?


From the messages you are showing - its likely you development system is not actually seeing the intel sensor.
The messages show a list of devices and processes that nuitrack is running thru to detect a sensor.
You should be seeing a messages about attempt to connect to the Intel sensor.
Have you succesfully got the intel realsense viewer running on your system?


Hi Westa, thank you for your answer.

Yes, the realsense viewer works correctly. I think the issue lies within the segmentation fault linked to the HandTracker module. The sample seems to not be able to access this module…

update: The segmentation fault seems to be caused by the line
ExceptionType exception_code = nuitrack_CreateHandTracker(&pimpl);
in the create() method of the HandTracker module.

Are you coding yourself - or are you working with the sample code?

Hi Chiara,

Please, advise, what is your OS and firmware version of your Realsense camera?

Please try to upgrade firmware to the latest version (5.10.3):

Secondly, did you install Realsense kernel module? Please refer to Try to execute the command: modinfo uvcvideo | grep "version:"

You should see the output similar to: "version: 1.1.2.realsense-1.2.0"