Problem with nuitrack after reinstalling system

I had a problem after reinstalling the system with the image in my orbbec persse camera.
Both the nuitrack.apk and tvico.apk did not work after reinstallation.
The problem I found is the follwing:

Any tips for fixing the camera?

Hi Andre,

  1. Please provide us with the screenshot of “Settings about Device” from Persee.
  2. Try to install this apk to your device. Does it work?

I installed the application and it has not worked, there is an error related to the USBManager.

The properties of my device are as follows:

It seems that this issue is connected to the hardware or installed image.

  1. What is your Nuitrack version?
  2. Where did you download the image Please try to download the image from this website and reinstall it.