Problems with feet tracking in avatar animation

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a project based on Motion capture tutorial to animate an avatar by tracking the user body behavior.
My current problem is the avatar’s feet aren’t aligned with the rest of the body , giving it a weird look: (first picture of the attached file. To compare, there is the avatar in T-Pose int the second picture)

By analyzing the RGB and Skeletons tutorial, I noticed that it was because the legs are not tracked with a good alignment (on the third picture of the attached file) but the result is ok if I don’t wear dark shoes.

Given that I don’t have control on what the user will wear, is there any way to avoid or reduce this kind of tracking mistakes?

We’re walking into the same problem. Legs are and will probaply always be a hard part to track. Moving the camera down to the 1 meter mark seemed to help a bit. (We had it a 2-2.5 meters height aiming downwards first)


Thank you for your advice.
I already placed the camera at 1 meter above the ground: it seemed to be the best position for an accurate tracking but the legs and feet problem is still here (even if is better than when the camera was higher)


I am also facing the same issue legs are not stable while tracking. Any solutions?

Dear Votre_Pseudo.

First, check the mapping of your model for the avatar animation.

Then check the settings and restrictions for the muscles. Perhaps you specified is invalid or too large values for the rotation of the legs.

Additionally, make sure that you fully fit into the field of view of your sensor.
Does the same problem repeat with the example from NuitrackSDK?

Looking forward to your response.