Pynuitrack wrapper

Hi, I try to use python wrapper for nuitrack ( but when I run the test I got the following error:

Please help
Regards and thanks in advance

We have tested the Python wrapper on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 and it worked fine. Please make sure that you’re using the latest Nuitrack versions: Nuitrack Runtime v0.30.0 and Nuitrack SDK v1.5.0. Try to follow the steps from from scratch and use the default gcc version (gcc-5 for Ubuntu 16.04 and gcc-7 for Ubuntu 18.04). To run it, copy to the “examples” directory and run the command “python”.Please note that the Python wrapper for Nuitrack was created by one of our users, it’s not official and we cannot guarantee that it works fine on all systems (though we’ve tested it and it worked fine in our case).