Python exiting at nuitrack.get_license() or get_modules() with Intel L515 bag file

hi, I have been working with .bag files from the intel D455 witouth any issue, but now bag files from the Intel L515 cause problems. There is noting wrong with the camera, I can run realtime analysis in python wit both D455 and L515.

When I run this code the last print statement is the one right before get_license(). If the camera L515 is plugged in as I run this code, then it prints the license, but exits at get_modules().

Here is the snipped of code that is modified to run from bag files. Note that this code works perfectly with D455 bag files and the camera doesn’t need to be plugged in.

nuitrack.set_config_value("Realsense2Module.FileRecord", path_to_bag_file) 
devices = nuitrack.get_device_list()
for i, dev in enumerate(devices):
	print(dev.get_name(), dev.get_serial_number())
	if i == 0:

#start nuitrack 
print("getting version")
print("getting license")
print("getting modules")

Is there a way to make the L515 work as well as the D455?

Hi @Lossim

Could you please provide us with a sample of bag file where the problem appears?
It doesn’t have to be a meaningful recording, just a sample to reproduce the issue

hi @a.bragin, here is a file from the L515. I hope that this link will work.
Thank you!

Hi @Lossim

Sorry for the silence.
We’ve taken your problem for testing. Will provide you with an answer/workaround in a couple days.

Hello @Lossim,

We’ve been investigating your bug recently, and I regret to say this, but we have been unable to
reproduce it. Everything works fine, and we can run the Nuitrack on the L515.bag file you provided with given code snippet and obtain data. It’s actually been a while since you’ve encountered the bug, and I have to ask whether you are still unable to run on the .bag file. If so, then there’s insufficient info to replicate your problem, and, to be able to help, we need to know:

  1. Your OS.
  2. The source code. Complete file.
  3. Nuitrack version.

Otherwise, I would like to ask you to share the solution in this topic for other people who may
run into the same problem.

We’re sorry you have experienced such inconvenience.
Eagerly waiting for your feedback.