Python wrapper messes up license


I had to use Nuitrack in a Python project, so I wrote a wrapper using libboost and so far it was working fine. You can find the repository here:

I was using the trial version and so far it worked as expected: after three minutes, I would get a LicenseNotAcquiredException exception and had to restart the software.

Since this wrapper was working, my team bought the Online Pro license so that we could start using it in longer trials, but after we exchanged for the Pro license, Nuitrack library stopped working properly.

After activation, the Python script runs for 3 minutes and then throw a “LicenseNotAcquiredException” exception. After that, it throws a LicenseNotAcquiredException exception after the first call to Nuitrack::waitUpdate(). Even the sample software (we are using nuitrack_console_sample for testing) start throwing this exception after running the Python script.

When we re-activate Nuitrack and run nuitrack_console_sample, it works for a long time without issues. However, once we run the Python script, all software start throwing the LicenseNotAcquiredException exception. So it is clear that the wrapper is the culprit here.

So far, the only information I found on the forum was in the knowledge base that states:

Q: I get LicenseNotAcquiredException in my app, though standard Nuitrack work fine.

A: Make sure that you don’t specify the path to nuitrack.config file in the nuitrack::Init() or Nuitrack.Init function. If you specify the path, the file would contain incorrect path to the license.json file. The license.json should be located at the initial folder (when it was created).

Removing the path to the license file (which by default is an empty string) did not solve the problem, though.

Please, do you have any suggestion to help me fix it? I am using an Asus Xtion sensor and Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.

Thanks a lot!

Hi silas,

Nice work!

What versions of Nuitrack and Nuitrack SDK do you use?

Please note that Online license requires Internet connection. Please refer to Nuitrack F.A.Q. (section “How is the online license charged?”). Connection is required in 3 minutes after the app is started. Then license is updated (automatically) every 1 hour. Successful connection should be established at least once during next 24 hours.

Looking forward to your reply.