Realsense compatibility issues

Which version of Realsense SDK should I use?
Where can I find information?

Nuitrack Runtime Version: 0.25.0

Hi @Apple,

Are you having problems launching Nuitrack? In this version, Nuitrack uses Reaslsense SDK v2.16.5.

Thanks for your reply.
Just tried to install Realsense SDK v2.16.5, but found that it does not support Realsense D455, can I use Realsense D455 with Nuitrack Runtime v0.25.0?

Hi @Apple,

Unfortunately Nuitrack v0.25.0 does not support Realsense D455. This sensor is supported in Nuitrack v0.34.0 and later. Are you having trouble updating your Nuitrack version? Can I help you with this?

I upgraded Nuitrack to 0.35.15 and it finally worked!
But now I have another problem, I will open a new topic.