Realsense D415 and Nuitrack v.0.35


I’am using Nuitrack for Mixed Reality in Unity.
I have camera in Unity - with Phisical parameters such as Realsense D415 RGB (Focal Length, Sensor size). Also, I have background image (Nuitrack Color Frame) on distance = focal length by Z.
So - when i paint sphere, which position eqial joint position (from skeletonTracking) — i have mixed reality.

I have two libraries nuitrack - 0.28 and 0.35.

I debugged my code with library 0.28 - all work.
Changed library on 0.35 - and joints position no match with image.

I known about settings:
Depth2ColorRegistration = true
“RotateAngle”: “270”, (I know about rotation and my unity camera consider this)
“ProcessWidth”: 1280,
“ProcessHeight”: 720,
“ProcessWidth”: 1920,
“ProcessHeight”: 1080

What could be wrong?
In v.0.28 you do correction principal point to center image. Has it stayed?
Also, in nuitrack.config in realsense2 have value ‘AlignTo’: ‘none’. Maybe change this?

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:
Могу детально объяснить все аспекты на русском.

Hello, @AShamin Sorry for the long answer.

Is this problem still there? If the problem still exists, please post the video again.