Realsense D455 best settings for hands module

What would be the optimal settings for the Realsense D455 in the nuitrack config? To maximize the sensor resolution compared to the default settings? We are using the hand’s module and we are losing tracking when the user moves their hands towards the sensor. But it has better tracking to the sides. Also does the hands module benefit from the nuitrack AI?

Thank you.

Hi @Clement,

Could you please record an .bag file that shows this issue?
We’ll investigate your materials and give feedback.

Hi @Clement,

Has your issue been solved? If issue persists could you record an .bag file that shows this issue?

I recorded a bag file and video file. Its a little weird to post a video on a public forum. Is there an official support email I can send it to?

Hi @Clement,

Yes. You can send recorded files to