Realsense SDK version

Quick question ???

Can anyone confirm what build of Realsense the new 1.7 Nuitrack sdk is built against.

Is it still realsense 2.25.0 – AND more importantly - when are nuitrack likely to link to a more recent build.


Hi, @Westa

The corresponding versions are below:

  • Nuitrack v0.27.0 - Realsense v2.17.0
  • Nuitrack v0.28.0 and v0.28.1 - Realsense v2.21.0
  • Nuitrack v0.29.0 - v.0.32.0 - Realsense v2.25.0

Nuitrack SDK v1.7.0 requires Nuitrack 0.32.0 to be installed.

The migration to Realsense v2.36.0 will be done as soon as we get new Realsense model D455. The device is currently being delivered by the postal service. Let us know if you have more questions.

Which version of Realsense sdk is supported for Nuitrack v0.34.0

Hi @ryanfjh

Realsense SDK has been updated to v2.38.1 in Nuitrack v0.34.0.