Realsense vertical skeleton tracking

Is it possible to track skeletons using real sense cameras with 90-degree rotations in unity?

Yes, you can do this by changing the DepthProvider > RotateAngle parameter in the Nuitrack config: <path to Nuitrack>\nuitrack\nuitrack\data\nuitrack.config


Soon this parameter will be available for easy configuration in NuitrackManager, stay tuned for NuitrackSDK updates.

Thanks, Eugene,
only AzureKinectDepthProviderModule setting has the Rotation Angle parameter.
but I’m using intel realsense D415. how can I change the settings for realsense?

It seems that D415 uses the same setup. everything works perfectly. thanks

“AzureKinectDepthProviderModule” and “DepthProvider” are two different settings blocks